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I told you I will be playing the rest of them. I loved what you did to Alina here, poor little cat...

Hey! Sorry for the late reply, am in hardcore dev mode right now. Thank you for sharing your play through and your kind words. Definitely helps to know people are liking the games.  <3

i'm playing on chrome and it doesn't seem to be working

Unfortunately the web build export for Ren'Py is still in beta so it's not bulletproof. Downloading the app is the only way of ensuring a quality experience.

nice game but laggy.

That's really odd. Were you playing it on a browser? If so, which browser?

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In google os,but it can sometimes crash my browser/computer.

Weird. I know there's issues running Renpy in Safari, but the others browsers are usually fine.


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More gold!!! Looking forward to a new episode every holiday!!!

Nip is also surprisingly well informed...mayhaps he should take a visit too...That Place.

Sparkling commentary as always, sir! Thanks for sharing!


cute as always! i love these characters!


I wouldn't want to get on the Ceiling Cat's bad side by not celebrating Easter!


Appreciate you, my dude! Awesome video as always.


A funny game again. Alina's costume looks as if she had a bandage around her head, as if she had a tooth ache or something like that.I hope she will survive the vet, when she's taken there. Happy Easter to you.


Uh oh... you could tell it was supposed to be a bunny hat though, right?

Happy Easter to you too!


Hi Lazytiger :)

That was a fun story to play :)

Alina is so cute with that rabbit costume :)

Any plan in the future where we would actually see Nip and the dog too?



Don't let Alina hear you say that :D

I might show Nip at some stage, but probably not Gedly. But who knows what the future holds? :D

Thanks for playing/commenting. Glad you liked it!