A short, cute, Christmas-y pixel-y story about a cat named Stevens.


1. stevens short_tail  
2. stevens next_thing  
3. stevens episode:3
4. stevens all fours
5. stevens 5.13.2022


Please note web version of the game doesn't run well in Safari. Chrome/Firefox recommended. Or you can download the MAC/WIN/LINUX apps below.


This silly little game came about in a weird perfect storm of three things. Tinkering with ideas for a waterborne sequel. Experimenting with and expanding my Ren'Py skills. And wanting to make an entry for the Winter VN Jam. The game I was working on initially (WINTERS) went naturally in a darker direction (as you can see here ). And I thought it would be a nice change of pace to at least TRY and make something lighthearted and fun.

So, cats, right? With a 16 bit pixel art style? Set to a lofi soundtrack? Why not. :D

If you enjoyed the game, please feel free to leave any feedback you may have. Links to any let's play videos in the comments below are also very much encouraged.

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spae / wraithdragon / evo crew / Justinforsure / and everyone who took the time to play this or any other lazytiger games! Appreciate you!


made by lazytigermade in renpy

music by walkeroo

sfx by nikorn69 / Blu_150058 / blukotek / giddster / freesound.org

fonts by jeti (Digital Disco) / DoubleGum (Daydream) / dafont.com


stevens 1.0 released 18 December 2021 - original release

stevens 1.1 released 30 December 2021 - fixed some typos and updated the embarrassingly unoptimised web build

Updated 17 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(69 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags16-bit, Cats, Christmas, Colorful, Cute, Funny, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Ren'Py, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


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Thank you for this cute game!
If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:

You're welcome, glade you liked it. Thanks for playing and sharing your vid!


short and sweet! i'm ready to play the next one


What an adorable and sweet little game! Love the colour palette and chill vibes. Also all the kitty expressions are totally adorable.This is awesome. I tip my hat to you, sir!!

Thank you kindly!


this was nice

Why the game take some screenshot?

Maybe you pressed 'S'? I think Ren'Py has that set as a default to take a screenshot. If that's what you mean?

yeah I think :/

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This was such a pleasant and relaxing game to play...and also adorable. Great work & all the best in the coming year


This was so incredibly cute and engaging, my curiosity was heightened by the story of what they were waiting for and my heart was warmed by the silly conversation of house cats.


Thanks for including the game in your video! Glad you liked it!


OOOOwww ! ~ It's so cute! I love these little two cat and the artwork! Amazing! ^u^/



very cute! i love the art style~


not scary at all lmao, this shouldn't be in the scary section, i barely pissed my pants at all xD

What 'scary section' did you find this in? :D

The settings in this game say something about an interface but after replaying the game I don't see any interfaces. Is this for a feature update or am I missing something?

I stripped a lot of the standard Ren'Py stuff out. The only 'interface' really is the game menu triggered by ESC/rmouse. You're not missing anything.


The characters are really cute! And cool story too

Cheers! Glad you liked it.


This game was so adorable. I loved the character sprites and waiting for the thing with them. 


Glad you liked it! Apologies if the 'thing' was a little anticlimactic :D Cheers for sharing the video!


this game is ADORABLE!!!! id love to have a part 2, if possible :) I sent a lot of screenshots to my friend bc of how cute this was! 

Maybe I'll do a Valentine's Day one :D


Loved it. I'd certainly like to see more! · ◡ ·

I'll see what I can do :D

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This game gave me such a fuzzy feeling thank you. This was exactly what I needed🥰🥰😁


(Subscribe and Like that would make my Holiday)-This is optional, Thank you😁


That video absolutely made my day, thank you! And I liked and subscribed before I even read that part of your message by the way. Love your energy.

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Thank you, your kind words made me smile so wide 😁 Your game was so heartwarming!! 😊

I hope everything goes well for you. Happy Holidays!!🤭😁👍

Oh and, welcome to the Masquerade👋🥰


Hey, I'm checking to see if this is ok for young kids? I wanna stream something that my friend can actually watch me stream....

Yep, it's pretty 'G' rated. It's very short though. Only about 5-10 mins of play time so it won't offer much streaming content.


Awesome! I'll add it to my list! Thank you!

Welcome! If you do end up streaming it, feel free to drop a link here. I'd love to check it out.


this was nice, thanks :>

You are very welcome.

How to claim this?



Super Cute




Cheers for the let's play!


this is so fun and cute



So many people already played that, and it's worth it. So funny, we like it a lot. Merry Christmas everyone!

Your Let's Play was a great Christmas present. Thanks!


We're happy that you liked our little present. Thanks for your comment on YT!


Steven is a brave cat .

Didn't even get affected by the dog



Haha, this makes me think about my cats :D i hope she sneaks food somewhere, i had to give those two away, but now they have a whole family :D 


Thank you for the purrfect end to a rough 2021. You had me at 8 bit cats lazytiger <3  5/5 8 bit toe beans


Happy I could offer a little something to counterbalance 2021 for you :D Glad you liked it and cheers for uploading your play through! 


I absolutely love this game!! I love cats and I love Lofi so this whole game goes hand in had and I think its great!!

The artist who made the lofi track has tons of awesome stuff on freesound.org. Legit had trouble deciding which one to go with :D Cheers for your kind words and the upload. Much appreciated and glad you liked it!

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Cheers my man, it was a beautiful game

Free sound.org Is actually were I got my ending track to my videos


I'm a cat person, and cat humor is my kind of humor. I enjoyed "The Thing" as there is a lot of it outside my house at the moment. Short, cute, and now I want to play your other game, which I will be doing soon.

Thank you kindly, glad you liked it! Waterborne is very different. It's much more tense and has no cats in it :D Cheers for the video, I commented on it more over on Youtube.


very cute and peaceful visual novel :)


Mission accomplished then :D


thank you :)


This was ADORABLE. Love the facial animations - you really captured the feline spirit :D


And I'm actually more a dog person :D Cheers for the kind words!


Such a sweet story. The characters are super cute and I absolutely LOVE the visual style you went with for this.


Thanks! It was a lot of fun to do. Glad you enjoyed it


So good. I especially love the humor, and the visual style is really eye-catching. Even the ending was great. Nice job!

Ah, awesome! Cheers for bothering to upload such a short playthrough! Much appreciated. And glad you liked it.Thanks for the kind words!


I just finished playing it and I LOVE it! The art's colours, shapes, and pixelated edges are cute. The animations are clever and creative, and the writing made the characters. Thank you for making this.


Wow, you're definitely welcome! Thank you for the really kind words. Much appreciated! Very glad you enjoyed it.