A continuation of stevens’ short_tail & next_thing <3

Stevens and Alina are back with another little slice of cat life.

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1. stevens short_tail  
2. stevens next_thing  
3. stevens episode:3
4. stevens all fours
5. stevens 5.13.2022


Please note web version of the game doesn't run well in Safari/webkit. Firefox recommended.


made by lazytiger in renpy

music by walkeroo

sfx by nikorn69 / Blu_150058 / blukotek / giddster / inspectorj / j1987 / el-boss / freesound.org

fonts by jeti (Digital Disco) / DoubleGum (Daydream) / dafont.com

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags16-bit, Cats, Colorful, Cute, Funny, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Short, valentines
Average sessionA few minutes


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stevensepisode3-1.0-win.zip 34 MB
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stevensepisode3-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 24 MB


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It's not working for me.I'm running it on Chrome and yet, this error message pops up.

What hardware are you running it on?

I'm running (or well attempting to) on a chromebook

Weird. Unfortunately Ren'Py's web export is only in beta so it's not fully supported and is occasionally problematic. But I've only really encountered problems with Webkit browsers so far. 

Did you play the first two games? If so, did they run okay?

I have not tried out the first two,  I'll report back my findings


Unfortunately, the first two games do not work

Was just looking into it and apparently Chrome 100 did something that made Ren'Py web games unplayable. It's reportedly working again now with new builds, but I'm going to have to re-build and reupload everything . Which I will do as soon as I can.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, appreciate it.


Third episode of this beautiful game is here as well! 

If you want, you can watch my full game playthrough here:

:3 <3


I remember the first two games, and suddenly I found out that there's 5 now!?

Still love these little stories!

Yeah, hardly anyone played the fifth one so I assumed people were getting a little bit over them :D Cheers for playing and sharing this one, though!


Don't worry, the only reason I haven't played it yet is because I did not know of it's existence. I'm on it!



I laughed so hard at the cucumber part 😂. This was great!

Very glad you're enjoying them! Thanks heaps for playing!


I finally played it. It was hilarious as usual.

I just saw you did another one🤣

Can't wait to play that one when I get the chance.

Good luck and stay healthy.

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Thank you kindly!

(1 edit) (+1)

Alina got done so dirty but love the perspective from the cat view. I'm sure "instagram" will do something right away...

Anyway, great work tiger, can't wait for the next episode

Instagram MUST take action! The cucumbers are out of control!

Thanks for another awesome video my dude! So fun to watch. Glad you liked the new episode.


I love this series so much! It has to be my favourite series rn. Thank you for making an episode three, and i hope it continues!

Thanks for the super kind words! Means a lot! Glad you're enjoying them. Out of curiosity, in the future would you prefer multiple short episodes like this, or a single much longer one?


Oh! No problem, and i'd prefer multiple short episodes, just because so it's like a: "Make your day a lil bit happier" type of thing!

Yeah, okay, interesting. I was thinking of making a longer one, but the vibe I'm kind of getting from people is that they like the current format. Cheers for the feedback!


Hey,here we are. As always, a quite cute story. Poor Alina, we feel sorry for her being afraid of cucumbers.I guess she will never become vegetarian.We were shocked too so that these cucumbers were spoken out by us in a quite exotic way. Nevermind, we are Austrians. :-)

Another triumphant video! <3 :3


Hi, just one question: Will there be a Cat Stevens Easter Special? Why not waiting for Easter eggs or the Easter rabbit? Maybe Nip could bring some. :-)

Maaaybe... :3


as always, a delight


<3 :3


amazing new episode of stevens

great job :)


Thanks! Glad you liked it :3


More Stevens' is always welcomed, and just in time for Valentines!

<3 :3